Some weeks ago I went home from my customer’s office. It takes me about an hour from door to door and I usually use that time to silence all kinds of hubbub. On this special way home I had a dream: a dream about my workplace. It wasn’t bound to a device and didn’t have E-Mail. Yes. It was so simple and it looked so very realistic – in my head.

Until that evening I had tried a lot of collaborative tools. Asana, Basecamp, LeanKit, Flow and some of the agile tools. All of them were perfect for some purposes, none was perfect for me.

Two days ago I signed up for Wunderkit and I think I finally found what I was looking for. The main difference to most of the other collaboration tools is: the focus is on me, not some company or organisation. As a freelancer with many projects and many groups to work with, I love the simplicity (less functions is more!), the UI and the absence of E-Mail. Yes, no E-Mail. I can connect my workplaces with Facebook or Twitter or invite other people by E-Mail, but once they are in my workplace, I get reminded or notified in my Browser. I love it already even though I haven’t really started working with it.

I’ll write down some more details once I get more experience with my new workplace.