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Working on my project cemetery I was on the verge to kill this blog before I really started. This adventure was neither planned nor budgeted (time is money) in my mindmaps but somehow it got my highest priority. Probably because of the PM Camp I joined?

Working on priorities, I summirized, what this blog is about:

Probably, this is not the right medium for the intended purpose. Time will see.


Everyone starts more things than he or she brings to the end. Yesterday I bought wool which my son needs for the school, and of course I bought some more – so that probably this winter I will knit. Haha, me and knit! I will neverĀ  do, and if, I will never have time to finish, and my super-duper scarf will never warm my overmotivated neck. I have at least 10 other – not too big – projects started, looking on me since months and waiting to be finished. Or quitted.

So when to quit? How to stop something before it hurts or takes time or costs hundreds of coins? What is the appropriate method to notice: I have other priorities. I’m not longer interested in this. I have no clue why I started. I forgot, who gave me the inspiration and why it is no longer working.

I will establish a “project cemetery” and decide on which of my projects need to be quitted this month to have wonderful Christmas time. First object in this cemetery will be my new wool. And in the next step, I will think about get other things done.

Here we go!