I’m not sure if you know the marshmallow challenge. this is one of that kind of simple games for everyone which brings a lot of fantastic perceptions to the visible level. e.g. about teamwork. about organizational structures. roles and responsibilities. personality types. you can play it with kids and with CEOs, all of them will have fun and – well facilitated – learn a lesson.

Usually, a marshmallow challenge lasts 18 minutes. My first challenge – played in the PM camp 2011 – was different. I thank to Sven who provided us excellent guidance and made me curious about agile way of doing things – we played the marshmallow challenge in 2 sessions each with 9 minutes. We did lessons learned between the two sessions. and – as expected, the result of the second round was much better!

In my current project, I facilitated the marshmallow challenge same way – 2 rounds, lessons learned in between. Three teams started immediately, no questions, no rules violations! We repeated the experience with the better result in the second round in all three groups. We also confirmed the known effect that mixed teams (e. g. engineers and purchasing) are more successful.we had a long discussion after the game, and there were a lot of questions – especially about “usual size” of the towers.

Now, 2 weeks later, we started to call our demanding items “marshmallow”. If you don’t know what I am speaking about, never played this game and would like to, please feel free to check out, download and use the short presentation I did.