Today Google welcomed me with the pic above.  Mark Twains birthday. I love Mark Twain. And I like Tom Sawyer. The most one story I like is about the fence, ’cause this story explain me something about project management unwritten rulez.

A project manager and Tom Sawyer. They have a great deal in common. For sure you know, what Tom says to Ben? “Does a boy get a chance to whitewash a fence every day?”

Do we project managers get a chance to do what we do every day? To go ahead, to move, to retrieve, to help, to recover, to explain, to win? Yes! Every day in the project managers life is a very special day. Thats why I love this job so much.

By the way, Tom was a great lazy project manager. He understood to inspire and to delegate and after the first conversation with Ben, you know, he enjoyed his Saturday in the shadow looking on his friends work.

Be lazy, be happy!