Last weekend I’ve been flooding out the mole hills in the garden. Today, the garden looks the same as it did three days ago. When filling the washing machine, I noticed that some of the clothes have been ironed just a week ago. What kind of speed!

A place where I miss that speed is my project. There are not any technical issues that prevent us from completing the project. In the action list we have things like “provide input”, “approve”, “reply,” or “commercial agreement”. How long do I want to wait for this to be done? What can I do to cope under these conditions?

Whenever I have no patience with the administrative stuff, I use Guerrilla tactics. “These minutes shall apply from the day after tomorrow, if there is no coordinated response.” “We start in two weeks with the production of the parts with the material, agreed upon, if by that there is no further objection.” As in wedding – “speak now, or forever hold your peace”.