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Some weeks ago I went home from my customer’s office. It takes me about an hour from door to door and I usually use that time to silence all kinds of hubbub. On this special way home I had a dream: a dream about my workplace. It wasn’t bound to a device and didn’t have E-Mail. Yes. It was so simple and it looked so very realistic – in my head.

Until that evening I had tried a lot of collaborative tools. Asana, Basecamp, LeanKit, Flow and some of the agile tools. All of them were perfect for some purposes, none was perfect for me.

Two days ago I signed up for Wunderkit and I think I finally found what I was looking for. The main difference to most of the other collaboration tools is: the focus is on me, not some company or organisation. As a freelancer with many projects and many groups to work with, I love the simplicity (less functions is more!), the UI and the absence of E-Mail. Yes, no E-Mail. I can connect my workplaces with Facebook or Twitter or invite other people by E-Mail, but once they are in my workplace, I get reminded or notified in my Browser. I love it already even though I haven’t really started working with it.

I’ll write down some more details once I get more experience with my new workplace.


The snapshot above was taken last friday. I had lunch with two wonderful ex-colleagues and we discussed the following: Since the word “friend” specifies a kind of relationship on facebook, people are searching for new word for “real” friends. A similar question goes through my head regarding colleagues. Considering the word “colleague” in its original meaning: “A colleague is an associate in a profession or in a civil or ecclesiastical office”, I should have had thousands of colleagues during my time at IBM. But were we really connected by more than the IBM logo on our business cards? Did we work ON the same topic or just FOR the same company?

Now, 6 weeks after I started to work as a freelancer, I still do have colleagues, and what’s even better: I have many more colleagues than before. Because no company borders, no belonging walls and no membership towers stay between my willingness to explore and to contribute and all of the people around me who have similar thinking patterns, life goals and spirit.