Two weeks vacation. Mexico. Dad’s hacienda. Days full of sun and tequila limo. Doing nothing. After some days in the sun I decided to do something useful. To paint an old bench. My dad as a stakeholder gave me a budget for needed stuff and I got a very high motivated team – my kids.
The one thing I missed to do was I kind of plan – where to start, who is responsible for which area etc. So the kids started to paind the front area of the bench. Thereafter it was nearly impossible to paint the backrest. So it took one day longer to finish my project. Alone. My team was not longer motivated to do something after the disaster at day before.
Vacation lessons learned:
– even in avery simple project try to get an expert to prepare a plan or a WBS
– it is not enought to have a motivated team to get something done in time
Tomorrow I will go back to do nothing. Greetings from Mexico!