I am a bad project manager. Seems to be so. I have a date. I have a customer who really needs my product at this date. I was able to speed up ordering parts, but I forgot Murphy. Murphy took two of three needed resources in the needed week.

To write a report and to say that we need to move the date would take me five minutes. Than I would need some more minutes on the phone with the customer to explain. Than some more hours with the management to explain why customer called them. Then some more time to get other resources and to try to reach the goal with them.

There is no project management book that says that non-technical project manager is not allowed to do technical stuff. And if there would be one, it is on time to write another books. Mixing up roles and responsibilities in a good team can add a lot of fun to what we do, I believe. From all the engineers around me that’s me who knows the product from the first day – so I rolled up my sleeves and had a wonderful day in the factory. As I am not allowed to show you the product, imagine you can see first functional prototypes of a brand new aircraft cabin equipment…