Getting up in the morning, do you know what will land in your stomage at the end of the day?

Sending you kids to the school, do you know, what they will ask you at lunch?

Last week we (the project) got the request from controlling to update our budget for 2012 till November 25. Today we were requested to send it out today. Sitting with the team in the coffee corner, we agreed, that learning from the past…

… we cannot predict the future (we are engineering project! Mistakes and errors happen at least once a week…)

… we will add appx. 20% of our best guess on-top for Mr. Murphy

The snapshot above shows the shortest project plan I ever used for year planning, but this “big picture” with just some sections was – acc. the feedback from my team – very helpful to see the whole picture.

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.Soren Kierkegaard