If you are in Spain and you have no clue how to order and eat Tapas, you have at least two choices. You always have at least two choices. You can take a seat somewhere in the restaurant and try to order and hope they bring you something you like. You don’t feel comfortable and you think, that all people including the waiters are looking on you and giggle. The second choice is to sit down at the bar and look what other – local spain – people do and order just by sign and eat what you love and look at the waiter while they work and smile.

If you have a workshop or important presentation and you feel uncertain, you have at least two choices. You know, you already have two choices. You can dress as requested in this company – and most of us don’t feel comfortable to be dressed as required in such companies – and go there and do what you have to do and hope, it passes quickly.The second choice is to wear something special to make you look sexy, certain and consistent. If you are a woman, wear a dress which makes you womanly. Stop wearing jeans, you are not a cowboy. Go to the stage and be a star.

If you never had English at school, you have at least two choices. Stay where you are or start to learn. I am Russian, my English is bad and probably boring, but I will never learn it when I don’t start to use it.

So here I am.